Grow Your B2B Email Lists With Social Media

From your experience as a consumer, it’s pretty clear to see that the worlds of marketing and sales have evolved tremendously from traditional methods. Social media is one of the biggest catalysts for this, driving urgency and engagement for products and services across the board. What might not be so immediately clear, though, is just how important social media has become for B2B businesses. 

Email remains an important component of marketing efforts for B2B organizations, but social media has the power to bolster its performance. Using social media is an extremely effective way to optimize email list growth strategies. Social media may be the hottest commodity right now, but email is far from dead. In fact, 67.9% of internet users prefer communicating with businesses via email and research shows that email lists get 10x higher conversion rates than social media. 

The relationship between email lists and social media starts at the sign-in page. Anyone that wishes to create a social profile must provide an email address. Here’s the number of active users on popular social platforms: 

Facebook: 2.8 billion. 

YouTube: 2.3 billion. 

Instagram: 1 billion. 

LinkedIn: 760 million. 

Twitter: 330 million. 


In hindsight, all of these users have the potential to be exposed to your business and added to your B2B email lists. How? Here’s a few content ideas for social media to help reel them in:


Custom Ads 

Social media ads are a great tool to release information about your products or services. Various platforms allow businesses to use their own images, copy, and headlines to reach their target audience. You may even have the option to set location, gender, or interest preferences to further segment your ads. If you’re looking to re-engage your target audience, create ads for discounts or promotional content. Once you’ve determined what will spark action, you need to consider where to distribute it.  

It’s important to use the best possible platform for your social media ads. Your target audience might not have as strong of a presence on Instagram as they do on Facebook. Consider what tools they offer, your following, and relevant metrics to understand which platforms to prioritize. 


Gated Content

Promoting gated content on social media platforms can drive lead generation and conversion. Use social media to provide added value to gated content and let people know it exists in the first place. 

Word-of-mouth is one of, if not the most, influential factors in decision-making. Giving your gated content a social media presence can encourage brand engagement and conversation. 

HubSpot is merely one example of a B2B business that promotes their gated content in an organic, yet effective way. Instagram stories, highlights, and posts give their audience just enough information to make them want more. CTAs such as “Swipe Up to Learn More” and “Click the Link in our Bio for…” are used to encourage engagement. 



Videos are trending in almost every facet of marketing, but they can be especially beneficial on social media. Visual content has a 40% greater chance of being shared than text content. 

YouTube is not the only place for video. In fact, video is popular across all social platforms because of its interactivity and brevity. Information is easier to consume, self-paced, and more attractive than text. Here are some video content ideas to help grow your B2B email lists: 

  1. Share industry tips, tricks, or trends. 
  2. Live-stream at conferences or events. 
  3. Introduce your team. 
  4. CEO interview. 
  5. Case studies and success stories. 
  6. Announcements. 
  7. Q&As or demos. 

Slack used video on their Facebook page to announce and give insight into their partnership with Adobe Creative Cloud: 

Adapting content for video continues to add value to your business, products, and services. The B2B world is all about logic and education to make informed decisions. Video content can boost credibility, brand awareness, thought leadership, and of course, lead generation and email lists. 


Contests and Giveaways 

Offering incentives for information is a common marketing tool, but they have to be valuable and intentional. Social media is a quick and easy way to spread the word about redeemable offers, promotional content, or freebies. To participate, all a user has to do is subscribe to your email list. 

B2B businesses can use this for themselves or their clients. Give your followers a chance to win free merchandise or access to a master class. Whatever the case may be, the overarching factor to consider is the incentive’s relevance to your target audience.

Here are some other ideas for incentives and positioning this content on social media:

  1. Free trials or consultations. 
  2. Ebooks, training, or templates. 
  3. Photo contest with specific hashtag for entry. 


No matter what strategies you use to grow your B2B email lists, it’s important to always remember this: IT’S A MARATHON, NOT A SPRINT. Social media may be quick and easy in nature, but growing a solid email list takes time. Quality over quantity still holds true. If your team hasn't already paired your social media and lead generation strategies, the time is now.