Congratulating employees during a meeting

Employee Recognition Begins in the C-Suite

When is the last time you recognized an individual or team in your organization for achieving results, satisfying a customer or living company values? Or the last time you told someone in the organization how much you appreciated them being on the team? I mean you, their leader, personally delivered the message – separate from the company recognition and rewards program. 

Janet Brewer, March 25, 2021
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Video shoot for LinkedIn

How Video Can Optimize Your B2B LinkedIn Presence

We all know that most everything has become digital, from family dinners to client meetings. With it becoming increasingly clear that we may not be face-to-face with potential clients or consumers anytime soon, it is time to optimize your digital presence on LinkedIn using videos. Compared to LinkedIn posts with just text or photos, videos on LinkedIn see five times the engagement. 

Emme Younce, March 18, 2021
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Woman working on a phone and computer

Grow Your B2B Email Lists With Social Media

From your experience as a consumer, it’s pretty clear to see that the worlds of marketing and sales have evolved tremendously from traditional methods. Social media is one of the biggest catalysts for this, driving urgency and engagement for products and services across the board. What might not be so immediately clear, though, is just how important social media has become for B2B businesses. 

Carson Jinks, March 17, 2021
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A business meeting lead by women

Read the Room: Understanding Your Audience

As a leader, you know that communication is key… but what good is communication if it’s not resonating with your audience? We’re all familiar with the age-old antidote “read the room”, particularly in times of miscommunication and tension. Whether you’re asking for a simple favor from a friend or promoting your products and services to a potential customer, understanding who you are speaking with is crucial in creating a mutual understanding and ultimately reaching whatever your end goal may be. In just about every facet of life, recognizing what motivates your audience is a sure way to pique their interest and desire to cooperate with you.

Carly Henderson, March 11, 2021
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Social change sign saying One World

How To Start an ESG Program

I recently spoke to the Association of Corporate Counsels on the topic of how to develop and advance an environmental, social and governance (ESG) program. ESG is one of the hottest topics for lawyers and C-suite leaders right now, with investors and employees pushing organizations to become better corporate citizens in the broadest possible sense. 

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